“That’s right, they make anyone feel better…” the ashen fox commented with a smile, then wrapped his fingers around the piece of chocolate in the pan and literally threw it into his mouth. A hum of happiness couldn’t be avoided as the sweet taste of the chocolate invaded his mouth.

“It only burns your tongue if you’re too slow at chewing and swallowing it. Heh heh heh~.” He hummed happily, squeezing the brunette in his embrace, her blush making him smile. He would have loved to hold her up in the air and spin, as if she was a baby… but in the end it would be inappropriate, so Ashes preferred avoiding that.

After another gentle squeeze, the fox released her from his right hug. “… I’ll check on the cake, b-but you? Wh-why are you asking me to do this?”

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» I can’t believe that I’ve been lying to myself for all this time…
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I-I can’t stop laughing…

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“A… a distant timeline, huh?” The ashen fox said, tilting his head to the left. He was expecting that. Slowly crossing his arms, Ashes shifted his gaze on his cup of tea another time, burying himself into his thoughts again. Could he trust this guy? Why did his voice sound so…

He was sure to have already met this guy, but couldn’t remember when and how they managed to meet. With a quick blink of his green eyes, as Proto asked him a question, Ashes gave him a small smile. “W-well… I… I try to stay here as much as possible…” the fox said. “… s-so i don’t travel very much, even if I’d like to…”

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when your parents cancel your plans and you’re like “fine”


"Keep starin' at me, and I'mma letchu know jest how many hot rocks I got left," I threatened a fox looking at me.





Okay. He had never seen this person… and it took nothing but a glance to be threatened. This didn’t make Ashes angry, it seemed to have made him confused. Did he just something wrong?

“Huh… I-I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to… bother you…?”

(Sergio’s weapon is not a revolver, it is a silenced .45 pistol)

I drew my weapon and shot him one time in the shoulder. 


The crowd gasped and cleared out of the area, leaving just me and the dude I just shot.

His smile faded away as soon as the other shoot him. He groaned in pain as the bullet collided and pierced his shoulder, causing him to begin to bleed. The ashen fox fell one knee, then coughed a few times, he somehow had to release the shock. His gaze shifted up on the guy who shoot him before falling on the ground, his ears were flat on the head, breathing was becoming difficult, the shock of the pain that hit him was very much. Who expected him to really shot him?

After another cough, his left hand shifted on the wound on his right shoulder, pressing it with the coat, in attempt to stop the bleed. He’s been wounded so many times that pain was almost ignorable. Normally, the ashen fox would have just reacted to a threat, but this time he really wasn’t planning on that. Suddenly, the ashen fox began to chuckle. “Th-this… this is wh-what you do to… p-people who stare at y-you. Nice.” Once he had said this, he exploded into a insane laughter, that caused him to cough. “Erf… it… it hurts… s-s-so much…”

I walked by him and spat in his face. “Betta recognize next time!”

As the other spat in his face, Ashes shook his head and slowly wiped the saliva away from his cheek, trying to contain a cough. Then, trembling a bit because of the pain, Ashes tried to get up, but failed and fell on his knee again.

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firelord obama leads the fire nation’s first strike

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